Can Gilva eat orange?

Chihuahua can eat oranges, eat oranges when feeding Jiga, can add vitamin C, but don't feed too much.

Take oranges to pet dogs is generally to help them supplement VC, but in fact, dogs do not need to eat fruits to supplement VC. Dog and people's body structure is different, because the dog can synthesize vitamin C in the body, so it is a snack to eat oranges, if it is to supplement VC, it is not necessary to give it to eat. Feeders can feed the dog to the dog to add some vitamins. But it is like eating fruit, which will also cause more dog soft or diarrhea, and even young renal fonts and kidney stones even old.

Dogs can eat oranges, but if the owner gives it a lot of oranges, there may be some uncomfortable situations, and the dog's dietary dietary fiber can cause diarrhea, but is rich in fiber. Food, orange can lead to this problem, especially if the owner gives too much pet. If the dog has a particularly sensitive digestive system, vomiting and diarrhea may occur, although this situation rarely occurs.

Chihuahua orange may have more, and the gastrointestinal situation is not good.

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