Canadian dogs can eat fish

Akita dog can eat fish, but when feeding fish in Qiudian dog, you need to give it a good fish thorn, avoiding the autumn dogs.

Pet dog eats fish, it is not like a cat, the owner can directly throw a whole fish to the cat, it will eat clean and whisper, but eat fish to the dog.Take some special processes.Before eating fish, you must first put the fish thorns, simply, the dog can only eat fish directly, and a whole strap is absolutely can't eat dog, because the small fish thorn is easy to hold the dog.Throat, severe words, will also hurt the throat, stomach.

In fact, the pet dog is appropriate to eat some fish to the body very well.In addition to cleaning the fish in advance, the dog should be cooked in advance, and then take the fish, followed by feeding the dog.The owner of life can purchase some salmon, which is made into a dog food to feed the dog.

There are some fish autumn dogs that can not be eaten and need to pay attention.

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