Can Gilva eat apples?

Chihuahua can eat apples, but when feeding Apple for Chihuahua, it is necessary to cut the Chihuahua into a small piece of feeding, do not feed too much.

First, it is an antioxidant effect, destroying the free radical, keeping the pet body cells are not damaged.

Second, it is to eliminate odor, often disappointing pets of pets, have bad breath, have a bad breath, eat some apples to help pets reduce body odor with oral odor.

Third, it is possible to maintain normal blood pressure, inhibit blood pressure rise, and prevent high blood pressure.

Fourth, it is possible to suppress allergic reactions, and pet allergic adaptations often occur, in order to reduce stress or skin allergies, feeding some apples also have a certain anti-sensitive effect.

Five, Apple contains pectin, this is a water-soluble food fiber that helps gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, can reduce the number of bad bacteria in the intestine to help benefit bacterial breeding, reduce pet diarrhea Or dysenter.

Sixth, this food cellulose can make pets have a satiety, reducing the number of food, thereby achieving possibilities of pet obesity. Apple also contains malic acid, which is a good flavor, which has a certain effect on improving pet margin and mouth resistance. The flavonoid compound in the apple is also an effective substance that the pet reduces the incidence of cancer.

When I fed Apple for Gihua, I don't want to eat Apple.

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