Canadian dog can eat carrots

Akita dog can eat carrot, but when you feed the Qiudian dog, don't feed too much in the autumn dog, avoiding the problem of indigestion.

The dog can eat radish, eat carrots can supplement vitamin A. It is good for dog hair, and white radishes can promote dog's dietary digestion.

Carrots Make familiar with dog dogs, the dimensions in the raw carrots are not absorbed, because the dimensions of the dimensible vitamins, insoluble in water, that is, the dog's body is unable to absorb metabolism . So the most nutritious method for dogs is to smash the carrots into the mud, and then quickly fry in the right amount of oil, take out the excess oil, then you can use the dog food or other homemade The mixture of grain was stirred together to eat together.

Whitades are called "natural digestive agents", and the rhizome contains amylase and various digestive enzymes, which can break starch and fat in food, promote digestion, relieve chest tightness, and inhibit excess of gastric acid. Help the stomach, promote metabolism, can also detoxify, dogs have a lot of benefits.

When feeding the Carrot, Qiudian dogs, you need to cook.

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