Can Gihua eat bones?

Chihuahua can eat bones, but when feeding the bones for Chihuahua, don't feed chicken bones and other sharp foods to Chihuahua.

Dogs are done before being domesticated, due to the shortage of food, sometimes they must bite the bone marrow in the bones to provide fats and nutrition for the body. Then, the dog who survived under the natural survival of the fittest, and there is a desire to bite bones.

However, the dogs that have been raised by the family, with sufficient food, the bones are no longer its must. And by human domesticated dog, due to changes in the diet structure. Its stomach is stronger than human digestive bones. However, it does not mean that the dog is biting bones, there is no danger.

Therefore, in general, it is not recommended to let the puppy eat bones. Although some people will say that puppies can make calcium! However, calcium in the bones is not easily absorbed by the puppy's stomach. If absorbs, it will be ignite, thus blocking the dog's anus. Parents can use some liquid calcium and calcium sheets, as the source of calcium to dogs.

In addition, a small bone such as a chicken bone may scratch the fish when the dog is trying hard. If these fine bones, there is no sufficient melt in the stomach. Then, it is possible to wear a gust of the dog's gastric bag, scratching its intestines and anus.

Note that some stewed big bones are also allowed to feed the dog to eat, because these big bones are very large, it seems to be crushed by the dog. However, after a long time to cook, in fact, the big bones have already become very crisp, it is easy to be crushed by the dog. These bulld big bone slags, eat a dog's stomach, no more Small knife.

When feeding the bones to Chihuahua, you need to cook the Gilva.

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