Why is the autumn dog?

Akita dog is not very much like. When they scream, it may feel scared, and it is possible to be hungry.

When the autumn dog just came to the new environment, the owner could buy some toys to the dog. With the companionship of the toys, the dog will quiet, and there is still the light at night, Or open a TV, send some sounds, than the bear, you will not feel so lonely, and it will quiet.

Akita dog looks very cute, but many friends are worried about this small-size dog love, take care of it, in fact, the autumn dog does not love, just arrived one When the new environment, the autumn dog may be afraid of being unfamiliar with the surrounding the environment, it is very fearful, lonely, called, this is normal, wait for about 2-5 days, the autumn dog environment will not be called.

In fact, every time I just arrived for a new home, I saved it for a while. This is a normal transition period. The owner is more comfort, more companionship, waiting for this time, The autumn dog adapted to the new environment and won't be messy.

When you raise an autumn dog, pay attention to the problem of emotion.

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