Can Gilva eat chocolate?


The reason for dogs can't eat chocolate is because chocolate contains cocoa, which will make dogs are very excited, stimulating dog brain neurons.

The cocarptum in chocolate reduces the blood flow rate of animals to the brain, which may cause heart disease and other fatal threats. The higher the higher purity chocolate, the higher the content of the cocoa, the greater the danger of the dog.

Chocolate is processed by cocoa beans, containing multiple methylxanthine derivatives, caffeine and cocarnia belong to such substances. These substances are combined with certain receptors of the cell surface to prevent natural substances in the animal from binding to receptors. Take a small dose of methyl xantine substance, dogs will vomit, diarrhea, and human beings will have a feeling. Chocolate contains a lot of cocoa and a small amount of caffeine, if the dog eats too much chocolate, muscle muscle spasm, and even shock. After taking cocas and caffeine, the dog's heartbeat rate will be twice as usual. Some will run around, just like a cup of espresso.

Dogs can also digest a small amount of chocolate, how much can be digested, and to see its body and edible chocolate species. The amount of methyl xanthine contained in Unsweetened Baking Chocolate is more than 6 times the cream chocolate. According to experts, the cream chocolate of 4 ounces (about 120 g) may be deadly dosage in some small dogs.

When you raise a dog, try not to feed human food.

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