How long does Gilva have a small life?

How long is the Chihuahua? This is what you need to see treatment. If the treatment is not good, you can only live a week.

1, first introduce a small virus: fine virus is a high infectious virus, which has a strong fattening to the dog. Medical fine dog often leads to acute gastroenteritis, severe inflammation and other gastrointestinal problems..

2, symptoms: Before the small outbreak, there will be a period of latency. At this time, the dog will be very uncomfortable. When the virus enters the dog body, it will attack the stomach to absorb nutrient cells, which will result inDecompose disorders, reduce nutrient absorption, then lead to vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and dogs will be dehydrated, and the heartbeat is accelerated. It will have a danger of life.

3, treatment measures: Be sure to ban water, or the dog will vomit, which is more likely to cause dangerous.To send hospitals immediately, the owner must adhere to the care, add nutrient solution to the dog, prevent dehydration, and the chance of cure is very large.

Chihuahua suffers from a small time, it takes time to treat.

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