How long can Gihua's heart disease?

How long can Jihua's heart disease live, this is a need to see this heart disease control, and the time to control the death is very fast.

Symptoms of dog heart disease: cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, bloating, difficulty breathing, pupil, thin, etc., need timely treatment.

Heads of heart disease are divided into two categories: congenital and acquired acquisition.

The congenitality is caused by the cause of heart development (illness or medication) due to genetic factors or in pregnancy.

The acquisition of sexual heart disease was mainly caused by adverse factors during the feeding process.

Heart disease mainly has the following symptoms:

1, cough, shortness of breathing, difficulty breathing;

2, pupil is large, mental, mucous membrane;

3, easy to fatigue;

4, bloating;

5, weight loss, thin;

6, multi-muscle population shake;

7, shock;

Do not like sports and not tolerate, or long-term, stubborn cannot identify the cause of cough, syncope, limbs edema and chest and abdominal and abdominal fluid, etc. Extremely easy to confuse with respiratory infections, epilepsy and other symptoms. Occuro-diagnosis, friction, sound, rush, etc..

Heart disease progression:

II exercise will show symptoms such as cough, breathing difficulties;

[123 The III period will also show symptoms such as cough, breathing difficulties in the III period;

even in Quiet, it will also show symptoms such as cough, breathing difficulties;

Heart disease Diet management:

1 High adverse, high-energy density, high protein;

4, nutrients that must be available in heart health: EPA, DHA, L-arginine, anti-active oxygen substance, vitamin B, magnesium, aminoethylene Sulfonic acid, L-carnitine.

After Chihuahua suffers from heart disease, it takes timely relief.

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