Autumn dog face is not pure

Akita dog face is not necessarily to indicate that the dog is not pure. Some Akita dog face is black, and the fetus of the face has not retired. When choosing an autumn dog, it is necessary to pay more attention to the problem.

Many people watching the autumn dogs always look at the appearance, in fact, many dogs are in a child, then the owner can't distinguish, then let's look at its bones, even It is a young autumn dog. It is also a top-limbit to generally beer, high and powerful. Even now gradually become a pet dog that is raised by a family, but the good molecules brought by the bones are absolutely a lot.

2, see the five officials:

Pure frying autumn dog's ear is definitely not talked! But upright with a triangle of the ear, the ear, the eye is a bit in the proportion of the face Small, dark brown, black nose, a bit like fox.

3, watching the hair:

Mao is a very important direction for choosing a purebred autumn dog, often there is two layers of hair, the appearance is relatively hard, touch It is not very soft, but the fluff inside is very feeling, soft, touching it.

4, look at the limbs:

The forelimb is strong and the bones are uniform and generous, and the hind limbs are clearly seen in the hind legs. It is very developed. It is more powerful to walk from the way, and the key is that the pace is stable.

5, see the color:

Everyone is all golden and white, in fact, the Qiudian dog has a lot of hair color, white, many colors, spots are reflected.

The real purebred autumn dog is definitely not a coward, it is brave, decisive, lively, loyal to human beings, but encounters other dog species may attack the characteristics, don't forget, it is a hound Book, heroic very. Akita dog is very loyal to people, and people are also very friendly.

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