How long does Gihua can get a dog?

How long is the Bihuawa? The situation of this and the treatment of the dog will have a chance to be cured.

Dog dogs do not necessarily die, as long as the dog gets treated in time, dog fever has a chance to be cured.

When the dog is found, it is necessary to isolate the dog, because the infectivity of the canine is relatively high, and the infection method is diverse, so after isolating the dog, It is necessary to disinfect the utensils or personnel of the dog used by the dog, and prevent infection sources from spreading out, and the dogs that may be infected with the probes of infected cannum. Exemption for emergency prevention.

In addition, when the dog got the dog, it was actively treated. Now there are many ways to treat the dog, although the death rate of the dog's fever is relatively high, but this is not a dog. What caused, it is only caused by some complications, so when the dog is getting a dog, as long as you care, patiently take care of the dog is still very easy to cure, but there may be some sequelae. The above is when the dog is a dog, it can be done, don't think that the dog has been a dog fever, it is not saved, this idea is wrong, you need to take a positive attitude, the right to treat the dog, more careful Take care of the dog, so that you can cure dogs.

After Kuihua suffers a targeted treatment, it needs targeted treatment.

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