Is there a small yellow point in the autumn dog nose?

There is a small yellow point on the Niufitian dog nose. This situation is not normal. When this problem occurs, it needs to be treated according to the specific situation.

First of all, if the summer is in the summer, it is more time to stay outdoors. The owner will observe the obvious dry pattern of the autumn dog's nose or the case of red and hot. This is mainly due to the drying situation caused by the solar ultraviolet rays to the burns, then some friends will say, why other places Didn't you be bothered? Because some of the other parts of the autumn dog, the large-area fur is covered to protect the skin's role, so in the summer, the hot season is more hot, it is necessary to avoid being able to take an autumn field in the hot time.

Second, if there is an unique smell, there is a unpleasant smell, and the nose has a cake, and it is accompanied by yellow-green secretions. At this time, it needs to be vigilant, prevent respiratory infection Diseases, or more serious disease infections, need to go to the hospital to check treatment.

Then when the autumn dog's nose often occurs and severe cracks, or the case of the nose has a crusting ulcer, this situation is due to the low immunity of the autumn dog body, then During the daily feeding of the autumn dog, you need to pay attention to the addition of protein, or additional protein powder can improve this situation, and can increase the body's disease resistance. If the situation continues to improve, you need a pet hospital. There is possible to eliminate the possibility of disease, and then continue to regulate in diet.

Finally, if you find that the autumn dog's nose is dry, this situation will happen in the winter season, because most of the winter home has floor heating or heating, causing the air in the room too dry, and If the Qiudian dog is waiting next to the heating device with high temperatures, it will cause serious dehydration of the body, resulting in a dry skin, then if it is a warm friend in winter, it is recommended to open the humidifier in the room, and pay attention Do not put the autumn dog's dog's nest in a close position, and finally you need to pay attention to it to add a lot of moisture every day, you can solve this problem.

When you raise an autumn dog, you need to pay attention to the problem of its nose.

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