Can Gihua eat salt?

Chihuahua can eat salt, but when you give salt to the soda, this is a seasoning, and Chihuahua should not eat too much salt.

First, why don't you eat salt?

Some shovel shovel thinks that the dog eats salt will have skin diseases, which is constantly moving, in fact, this statement is lacking scientific. If it is really because of skin disease caused by salt, it is also because it is too much. Excessive salt will increase sweat, know that the dog's sweat gland has been degraded, not sweating on the skin, the dog is mainly relied on the tongue, the foot pad is dissipated, so excessive salt is prone to skin disease. At the same time, when the salt is too particularly water, it will cause a dog's food salt poisoning. But because the dog's kidney has a very good excretion function, there are very little dogs, and the kidney burden is increased.

Second, can the dog eat salt?

Excessive salt will cause a healthy disease in the dog, but can dogs do not eat salt? Of course!

In fact, dog life is inseparable from salt, because the physiological role of salt is to stimulate saliva secretion, promote digestive enzyme work, and improve feed taste and promote appetite. Dogs should not eat salt, but must eat salt.

If the parents don't give the dog, they will affect the dog's health. Because sodium ions and chloride ions are essential mineral elements essential in animal body, there is less sodium and chlorine in plant feed. In order to supplement these two elements, and enhance the appetite of animals, the salt should be supplemented in the diet but if the salt intake is too harmful to the dog.

When feeding Chihuahua, pay attention to supplement the corresponding nutrients.

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