Akoda dog nose is black

Akoda dog nose is black and the cleaning work is not done, or it is possible to pay attention to melanin precipitation.

Akita dog nose color is black and wide, sometimes the dark brown nose is also allowed on the white autumn dog, but it is best to be black.

Akita dog is a Japanese dog, a family pet dog in Japan. Akita dog is the largest fox dog in Japan. This large fox dog is also quite eye-catching even in many countries in Europe and the US fox dog. In Japan, the Qiudian dog is a dog with national historical cultural relics. It is a world-famous dog who is famous for the "loyal dog eight". The dog is very brave, feeling sharp, loyal, and smart, there are many stories about its loyal. Akita Prefecture is the birthplace of Qiudian dogs, many mountains in the north, and it is very cold in winter. Akita dog is a donggy dog u200bu200band looking guy. The villagers often take dogs to hunt wild boars and bear, the dog is the most hand of help people looking for a prey in the snow or water, and then handed back Owner.

Medium, the tail is pushing forward, and the vertical ear. The male dog is 66.0 cm ~ 71.1 cm, and the male height is 61.0 cm ~ 66.0 cm. The head is large, and the face expression is relaxed. The body mechanism is compact, powerful, and the skeleton is firm. The wide head, a blunt triangle, a kiss, a small eye, and an upright ear and the neck to form a straight line, which is a significant feature of this variety. The huge, curled tail is compared with the wide head, which is also the characteristics of this dog.


Double laundry. The inner layer is smaller than the outer layer, soft, dense and short. The outer hair is vertical, rough and a little outward. The head, the legs and the ear are short. The hair length of the shoulders and buttocks can reach 5 cm long, which is longer than the other parts of the body other than the tail; the tail is the longest and the most abundant.


Any color, including white, all of the ribs and flowers. The color is clear, the spot color is harmonious. There are star spots or masks (big black faces). White autumn dog has no mask, the flower spot on white is in averaged part of the head and body exceeding 1/3. The color of the inner layer of hair and the color of the outer hair may be slightly different.


Head is strong, the forehead is wide. The depression is obvious, and there is visible groove extension, and the nose is straight. The tail is very long and powerful. The lips are closed. The nose is dark and wide, sometimes the dark brown nose is also allowed on the white autumn dog, but it is best to be black. Light colored nasars are unqualified. The ears are one of the varieties of the autumn dog, strongly erecting, and is slightly smaller than the head. If the ear is tightened, the ear pointer will reach your eyes. The ear is triangular, the ear is tip, the ear is wide, and the position of the headIt is not very low, reaching forward along the back of the neck. Dropping and folded ears are unqualified. Small eyes, triangular, dark brown. The lip is black and does not hang. The tongue is pink.

The body

The neck is thick and the muscles are relatively short, the closer to the shoulder. The proportion of body length and height, the male is 10:9, females are 11:9. Wide and deep chest, its depth at a height of 1/2 shoulder. The ribs are normal, and the chest muscles are relatively developed. The back level, and the lumbar muscle is strong, slightly tested. Skin flat but not loose. Osteoporus and body thin are severe disadvantages. The shoulders are thick and strong, after a slightly; from the front, the front leg is straight; the bone is inclined to 15 degrees in the vertical direction. The elbow is within or out of the elbow, and the shoulder is relaxed is slightly inferior. Like the first half, wide, muscular, strong skeleton. The thigh is relatively developed, and the hip is properly curved, the leg joint is appropriate, neither internally. The front leg habitant usually does not remove, and the hind leg is not flipped. The feet are a bit similar to cat feet, very thick foot pad, toe joint up, and straight forward.

When the autumn dog is abnormal, it takes time to check in time.

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