Can Gihua eat sweet potato?

Chihuahua can eat sweet potato, you need to control delicious food when you eat sweet potatoes, don't feed Gihuahua.

The sweet potato is rich in protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acid, vitamin and a variety of minerals, and longevity food. The sugar content reaches 15% -20%, anti-cancer, protects the heart, prevents emphysema, diabetes, weight loss. Ming Dynasty Li Shizhen "Materia Medica" has a sweet potato supplement, spleen appetizing, strong kidney yin, and said the longevity of the people in the sea. Chinese medicine is sweet potato as a good medicine.

1, chicken breast: When VIP (Teddy) dog's gastrointestinal gastroenter is relatively weak, eat high-protein low calorie chicken breast It is very suitable. Chicken breast does not contain excess fat, especially for dogs in diet, is an indispensable ingredient supplemented by animal proteins. (Note: Don't eat the dog. In chicken, the chicken is best to eat chicken breasts to the dog.)

2, salmon: fat and heat, contain unsaturated fatty acids, A beneficial supplement can be made to the thin VIP (Teddy).

3, beef: high calorie, high protein, low fat, trace element, suitable for thin pug fathers.

4, green salad flower (Broccoli): Green dish flower is composed of flower buds and stems, in addition to beta carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C, also contain iron and food fibers, is very nutritious Value food. In particular, some fibers in stems are very rich.

5, Apple: With rich food fiber, it is very helpful to improve constipation or intestinal problems, in addition, the pectin in Apple fibers is also very effective in exclusion of toxins. However, because the apple contains too much sugar, it is necessary to pay attention to excessive consumption of dogs.

6, oatmeal: oatmeal made from oatmeal raw materials, contains 8 vitamins and minerals, which are ingredients with rich food fiber content. There is a dog that is plagued, if you add oatmeal in your diet, there will be a good improvement effect.

7, pumpkin: Pumpkin is easy to generate fullness, except for fiber, also contains various nutrients such as vitamin B2, B12, vitamin C and carotene, where vitamin B2 can prevent anemia. Pumpkins are also very effective in improving the constipation of VIP dogs.

8, cabbage: Because of sulfur and chlorine, there is a cleaned effect on the pig's stomach, and there is a variety of nutrients such as vitamin A, B group, calcium, sodium, and iron. The part of the dish is rich in vitamin C, and there is another beta carotene in the vegetable leaves.

9, potato: The potato contains rich vitamin C and food fibers, which is the highest in food fiber content contained in sweet potatoes. In particular, the mucin contained in the sweet potato is particularly effective for excretion of the discharge stack in the intestine. Also pay attention: Dogs for inflammation, infection, parasites, and respiratory disorders, pleaseNever eat!

When feeding Chihuahua, you need to pay attention to the safety of food.

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