Akoda dog nose head pink

Akoda dog nose pink, this situation is not normal, normal case of Naudian dog's nose color is black, you need to pay attention.

Akita dog is because of the special reason itself is more shallow, and some is because of the reasons of sunshine, the sunshine is long, the color of the nose is relatively deep, the sunshine is short, the color of the nose is compared Shallow, this is the same as the inside of the leaf, and the season will return to normal, which is normal. If the owner finds that the autumn dog's nose suddenly became different from before, it would take a good check, see if there is an exception in a function of the body.

Akita dog sick causes nose color change: the body function decline during the disease, pigment precipitation will also be affected, the degradation of nasal pigment is also one of the ancestors of skin disease.

The autumn dog estrus may also cause an autumn dog nose color change: the appetite in the autumn dog estrus is declining, and the food nutrition is imbalanced in the intake, or is affected by the body hormones.

Excessive Tour VC caused an autumn dog nose color color: There are still many people ignored, and the fruit of the autumn dog is given to the excessive vitamin C, VC has a whitening role for people's skin, and will appear on the autumn dog. Phenomenon of nose and hair color degradation.

If it is caused by physical health, then take care of it.

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