Can Gihua can see a home?

Chihuahua can look at home, this is also the basic ability of Chihuawa, although the body of Chihuahua is very small, but its vigilance is very high.

Chihuahua and other some watchdog shepherd, Tibetan Mastiff, etc. have a very strong insight and vigilance, although the Chihuahua is brave, the resistance is also stronger, but because the body is relatively small and quickly cleaned up. . I feel that the dog is now a good vigilance, and it is not necessary to say how powerful.

Chihuahua is a stylish temper, its eyes are big and round, the ears are always straight, like a pair of tricks, round apple heads look at the opportunity. Chihuahua is very vigilant, it is a good choice to see the door, of course, this premise is that someone else is home, otherwise, it is really a bad size, it is really no deterrence!

Through the effective training of the dog, it can improve the ability of the dog's watch. Although its ability is just someone outside it can remind parents in time. This can help the owner not have some important things.

Chihuahua is very brave, and the loyalty to the owner is also very high.

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