How to care for the autumn dog

When the Dai Tian's dog is born, care is very important, and it is necessary to pay attention to their dietary problems, and their living environment hygiene.

The first problem, the problem of feeding, should be understood when the autumn dog mother dog feeds the cub, the body will lose a lot of calcium substances and pass breast milk to the body of the cub, so in the feeding Appropriately do a good job of calcium supplementation, and to abide by the principle of extortion less, because the general post-post-post-production autumn dog stomach is in need, it feeds some good digestion, such as meat soup, food is mainly . If you find that the autumn dog's milk is not sufficient, you can add some fish soup, lean soup, bone soup, etc. Moreover, in the feeding food, there should be more than the number of times and the amount of food usually eat, in fact, add some green vegetables or crude fiber, which helps the intestinal movement, and pay attention to the intake of proteins.

Then postpartum care, due to the production of autumn dogs can't take a bath, it is easy to enter the bacteria, and the special effects cause infection, so much attention to the clean and Hygiene, and when the weather is good, you need to get rid of the sun and disinfection, and then if it is dirty after the physical body, you can wipe it with a warm water. However, it is not possible to clean or use warm water to be cleaned with warm water, which will cause the body to produce a disease.

The last postpartum movement problem, then when the post-post-yield of autumn dog likes to lying in his dog's nest, and because the physical weakness will be more different, this will lead to the slowness of the intestines In the case of postpartum constipation, it is necessary to take it out when the weather is warm, and the sun is sunbatied. However, pay attention to the amount of exercise is not too large, and the walk time is half an hour. This can prevent constipation, and it is conducive to the health of its body, and a great help for the healthy somewhere of its postpartum.

After production, you need to add nutrients to the Qiudian dog.

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