Does Qiudian dog eat fish, is it good?

Akita dog eating fish is good to the hair, wants to let the autumn dog's hair is good, then when feeding, it is necessary to supplement foods such as protein vitamins.

1. Dog food containing beauty:

At present, in order to meet the needs of dog parents to want the dog's hair, there are specializes in dogs, and beautiful hair Dog food, dog parents can choose the dog grain feeding Qiudian dog with beauty ingredients, so that the hair is naturally bright and good.

2, lecithin:

lecithin is the main component of the biological cell membrane, which can help repair damaged cell membranes, activate the body metabolism, and add fatty acids in the body to quickly improve the autumn dog. Symptoms of skin, achieving moisturizing hair, making hair thick and beautiful effect. Therefore, the shovel can promote its hair growth in the Diwa dog's daily dog u200bu200bfood, so that the hair is bright, the hair is better.

3, algae powder:

Want Akita dogs, you can give Qiudian dog to eat seaweed powder, seaweed powder is the main raw material with natural seaweed essence, containing a variety of minerals, Vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll, Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids, β-carotene, linolenic acid and other nutrients, can activate the hair growth of Qiudian dogs, and have the effect of bright hair skin. At the same time, the nutrients contained in the seaweed powder can also enhance the immunity of dogs and improve bone health.

Note: Some of the autumn dogs that are particularly picky to the seaweed powder, you can use yogurt or canned to eat or use goat milk powder.

4, cod liver oil:

Dog-specific cod liver oil contains multi-unsaturated fatty acid ingredients, this ingredient can occasionally restore normal permeability of capillary, improve capillary tube, promote skin Blood circulation, accelerate skin metabolism, thus improving the generation of skin diseases such as dog skin, deletion, etc.

The shovel can feed the dog to eat fish liver oil in accordance with their own Qiudian dogs to reach the beauty of the beauty. It usually eats one piece below 10 kilograms, and the Qiudian dog above 10 kg is pressed. Each 10 kg of a proportion increases feeding, up to 4 capsules, generally feeding 15-30 days can be seen significantly.

When feeding Qiudian dog, pay attention to the balance of diet.

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