Akita dog pulled several times a day

Akoda dog pulled about 1 to 2 times a day. This is relatively normal, and the autumn dog purse pulled about 3 to 4 times a day. This and the number of feeding has a certain relationship with the age of dog.

1 To eat 3 pounds of dog food, the adult autumn dog mother dog eats more than 2 pounds a little more, but also with some cooked yellow, or cooked meat and other foods, add enough nutrients to the autumn dog.

2, at the same time, the dog owner knows that nutrients such as protein, vitamins, fat, amino acids are necessary, so in daily life, pay attention to the nutritional supplement of dogs, Nutritional supplement, not only the dog can have a strong body, but also this is better to the autumn dog, but also the effect of beauty, let the dog have a slight hair of the oil.

3, because the annual autumn dog's food is relatively large, so the corresponding dog's exercise must always keep up, for example, after a meal, there is time, there is time, do you do sports, so Not only can the dog have a strong body, but also promote the gastrointestinal absorption of the Qiudian dog, but also better to the autumn dog, so nutrition and exercise must be mutually matching.

When feeding Qiudian dog, it is necessary to supplement the corresponding nutrients.

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