What kind of medicine is the autumn dog?

Akoda dogs have been eaten, what is needed to clear the Qiudian dog is because of what is pulling, can you see it to observe if there is any relief, can not blindly feeding the anticipatal drug, need to give the autumn dog according to the actual situation.

1, first, for the situation of the Qiudian dog diarrhea, the dog owner should find the cause first, then the subject of the drug. However, regardless of the reasons for dog diarrhea, you can give the dog's first 24-hour fasting measures. Fasting can put the food in the dog's stomach. During fasting, add more dogs. Clean moisture.

2, if it is a diarrhea caused by cold, it may be that the temperature of the dog in the dog is too low, or it is directly sleeping on the cold ground. At this time, you can take some anti-viral particles, or the pet dog has a cold medicine, then pay attention to the dog cold.

3, if it is because of eating bad things, it has been diarrhea, such as the food, milk and chocolate, etc. White.

4, if the dog eats unclean food, such as raw meat, this is a large number of parasites in the intestines, because the reasons for parasites, the autumn dog may also diarrhea, this It is necessary to take some antimoules to the Akita dog in time. At the same time, during the period of the autumn dog, you must not forget to give the autumn dog insectorm vaccine. At the same time, every other time, you have to take a vaccine to the dog, or go to the hospital to do a manure examination, see if it is infected in the intestine Parasite.

When the autumn dog is serious, it takes time to take it to the hospital.

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