Akita dog tail has several colors

Akita dog tail has a lot of color, white, tiger, brown, etc., the color of the Qiudian dog tail is related to the main figure on their body.

Akita dog is a Japanese dog, a family pet dog in Japan. Akita dog is the largest fox dog in Japan. This large fox dog is also quite eye-catching even in many countries in Europe and the US fox dog. In Japan, the Qiudian dog is a dog with national historical cultural relics. It is a world-famous dog, which is the only large dog in the national natural monuments designated by Japan. The dog is very brave, feeling sharp, loyal, and smart, there are many stories about its loyal. Akita Prefecture is the birthplace of Qiudian dogs, many mountains in the north, and it is very cold in winter. Akita dog is a donggy dog u200bu200band looking guy. The villagers often take dogs to hunt wild boars and bear, the dog is the most hand of help people looking for a prey in the snow or water, and then handed back Owner.

Medium medium, the tail is curled in the back, vertical ear. The male dog is 66.0 cm ~ 71.1 cm, and the male height is 61.0 cm ~ 66.0 cm. The head is large, and the face expression is relaxed. The body mechanism is compact, powerful, and the skeleton is firm. The wide head, a blunt triangle, a kiss, a small eye, and an upright ear and the neck to form a straight line, which is a significant feature of this variety. The huge, curled tail is compared with the wide head, which is also the characteristics of this dog.

Any colors, including white, ribbed and flowers. The color is clear, the spot color is harmonious. There are star spots or masks (big black faces). White autumn dog has no mask, the flower spot on white is in averaged part of the head and body exceeding 1/3. The color of the inner layer of hair and the color of the outer hair may be slightly different.

Akita dog is a work dog, it is relatively friendly.

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