What to eat in Golden Flowers

Golden flowers squirrels are all nuts, especially the melon, these golden flowers, special love, but the golden flower squirrel can't eat fried melon seeds, it is best to give it a lot of water.

Nuts a class of food.Such as sunflower, watermelon, Panang.I don't want to feed, otherwise the golden flower squirrel will drop more, I get angry.

1 of the sunflower is one of the staple food, but it can't eat too much, eat more obesity.So it is best to eat only 1-2.

2 Golden flower squirrels don't drink water, but you must drink the water that you have to drink! Because they are small, just drink a little water.And they can take moisture by eating some fresh vegetables.

3 million Don't give golden flowers to eat people to eat food, otherwise they will die because of excessive fat! You can not eat spicy food.

There are a lot of foods that are golden flowers can't eat, especially those who like to eat.

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