What is squirrel like to eat?

Squirrel is a lot of things like to eat, but its favorite is still seeds and nuts. Seeds and nuts are the most spoiled appetite, artificially feed squirrels can give it a lot of kinds.

What to eat

Squirrel is dominated by herbs, the food is mainly seeds and nuts, some species will eat in insects and vegetables. However, in 2009, the lams of London were desperate because of the short supply of nuts and oak fruit. However, these hungry squirrels actually started eating chicken!

2. Squirrel likes what [123

The nuts such as walnuts, chestnuts are the favorite of squirrels. Biting hard shells, not only the game is not only the game, but also help wear teeth, so it is best to feed this kind of food.

The family of squirrels is usually eating as the seeds of Shell, but it will also eat quite many insects in nature. Therefore, it is best to feed some animal food. Because of the rocky walnut, chestnuts and other nuts, it is best to feed this kind of food. If the artificial feed is stained, it should also be added to other foods such as apples. Summer and autumn can also feed food, such as cucumber, tomatoes and watermelon, etc. Feeding the squirrel and feeds the food to it with nuts, it will prefer.

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