What to eat in the mouse

The mouse is a vegetarian animal, so it eats things that are dominated by vegetable plants, rarely there will be aspirates to eat meat, this situation is almost absent.

Tani is mainly vegetarian, most of the food is a vegetable, alfalfa, lettuce, apple, pea, corn and other fruits and vegetables, one day can eat up to five kilograms of green fruits and vegetables.When feeding in manual methods, in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to feed rabbit feed rather than use mice to reduce their cardiovascular, endocrine disorders and heavy weight.

A mouse is available as pets, specialized landhile pets, and the mouse is also called the mortar or drought.The landhir is mainly vegetarian, vegetables, lettuce, apples, corn, cabbage, etc. can be feeding.

If you raise the mouse, it is also relatively simple, give it a fruit green vegetables.

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There is also a nut with a mouse, but there are still many fruits that are also very like to eat, but it is most like to eat or pork and beef.Meat: such as pork, chicken, beef, fish, is a wide range.Nuts:
The mouse peanuts and fruits will eat, sometimes it is very similar to those who eat people.There are also some meat and nuts to be a mouse very much like to eat.Meat mice like to eat meat is basically a lot, such as pork, chicken, beef, and fish are the
The mouse loves to eat the meat, and also loves to eat melon seeds. Therefore, in fact, the mouse is also an eclipse food, but the mouse is not suitable for drinking milk, drinking more, may diarrhea.Meat mice like to eat meat is basically a lot, such as
The mouse is very embarrassed, and it is not easy to govern.Different environments are suitable for different ways, such as: electric shockwork is suitable for factory families, the drug is suitable for all writers, smoked, to make mice to escape, househo
Animals like the mouse are milms, which is one of the dragon cats.It is mainly living in South America. It is the specific difference between the mouse as follows: South American lazurine belongs to the breastfeeding roddy pig Yaman South American latter,
The mouse can generally have a few more than ten times, and the reproductive ability of the mouse is very strong, and a year will pregnant a few times.The breeding ability of the mouse is particularly strong, and it is a few to more than a dozen, and it i
The fastest way to catch a mouse in the room is to prepare a cage, put on food inside, and the mouse is can't come.Prepare the mouse plate, this integrated market or sells on a treasure, the price is very cheap, which is much cheaper than the mouse, key e
The urine is not good, and the potential rat is necessary to give a warm environment, and it is quantified to feed the landhirot, and the ingredients should be fresh.Although the mouse looks fat and still, it is a non-crushed food, but in fact, the mouse
The urine is a pet, but it is very troublesome to raise the mouse, very difficult, still love to bite, and it is not recommended to raise potato.The dial-like rat has a basic independent authentic system.These 2 hectares are full of authentic to 5 meters.
The mice were found in the home, and the following six methods were used to expel mice.The first to block the outside of the outside world, the second unnecessary garbage is thrown away, the third should not leave extra food, the fourth use of the mousetr