What to eat in guinea pig

There are many kinds of foods that guinea pigs can eat, generally some fruit vegetables, but there is a lot of points when eating these fruits and vegetables for guinea pigs.

Corn (the leaves can also be given, but there are not, dirty, or can be cleaned, or can be washed it. One 2 to three sections, directly, you should pay attention to it. Maize is easier to flatter, don't give a lot of money).

Vegetables, onions will destroy the red blood cells of rats, others should avoid feeding vegetables: spinach, onions, leeks, potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and ball lettuce (the lettuce rolled up). These foods can lead to a Dutch pig diarrhea abortion and poisoning.

Oil, caulk, no interruption, although the pig is very love to eat, the calcium is relatively high).

Chinese cabbage leaves (do not give, moisture).

Banana, can not feed the Dutch pig! Because the banana contains excess of potassium causes the disease of the Dutch pig's urinary tract pipe.

Carrot (pending, generally love, control, not to give other vegetables together, hinder VC absorption).

green pepper, colorful pepper (pig pigs are very love to eat, rich in VC).

No matter what to eat for guinea pigs, you can control a quantity, only this can guarantee that the body of guinea pigs will not be injured.

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