What is the Netherlands?

Dutch rats can also be called a Netherlands, it is a very cute mouse animal, which also has a lot of food, such as vegetables, fruits and some feed, and more.

recommended in six months is the unlimited 苜 dry grass, six months recommend unlimited Timothy Forage, and there is an unlimited amount of feed to add once in the morning and evening, and the water of water is cool and white.

Adult Netherlands (1 ~ 4 years old), grass, grain, other complementary food mixed, special feed + grass + Vegetables + fruit. Feed 20 ~ 30 grams of feed every day, while more than a few more vegetables, fruits, a total of twice in the morning and evening, to feed. When the particle feed is fed directly, the water should be given, or feed it, eat less meals. If you feed the dry wet material, you can give it a time in the morning, give cabbage, carrots, and graze at night. If you feed pellets, you can give it a time in the morning, keeping a full clean drinking water daily.

3. Elderly Dutch pig (more than 4 years old)

Annual old Dutch pig's power has no adult Dutch pigs, the nutrition required daily Nature is less than adult Dutch pigs. For the old Dutch pigs for chewing capabilities and reduced absorption of nutrients, the amount of fresh fruits and vegetats, appropriate amounts of pastures, and a small amount of feed are better choices. In addition, supplementing a small amount of Victoring C, you can make old Dutch pigs healthier.

The pig's teeth are fast and should provide molars. It is generally recommended to use a brick, which can be grubble and can be used as food, compared. Conditions can use biting branches (fresh apple wooden branches).

At the time of breeding the Netherlands, pay attention to the Dutch mice at different stages should eat different foods.

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