Dutch pig what grass eat

Dutch pig is very like to graze, it is a bit similar to the rabbit, it can eat some vegetables, and you can eat some Timothy grass or alfalfa, etc., these are very helpful to Dutch pigs.

It is useful to raise useful Timothy or alfalfa,

In fact, it is possible to wash the blade whose water is not too large.

Shanghai green and oil wheat, washed more and then wiped water.

However, it is recommended to feed some rabbit food,

I am the rabbit grain, the vegetable leaves are snacks.

Pay attention to this goods is afraid of cold.In addition, if you take a bath, you must be very warm and then washed it with warm air.

If it is very small, it is recommended not to take a bath first.

In short, when feeding the Netherlands, you must pay attention to all aspects of the Dutch pig.

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