What kind of vegetables eat in Dutch pig?

Dutch pigs can eat vegetables have many vegetables, such as oil wheat, celery, etc. These vegetables have a lot of help to the Dutch pig growth, and the Dutch pig can also eat some peppers.

Dutch pigs can eat a lot of fruits, but to note that there is irritating such as garlic, peppers, onions, shallots, leeks, etc. can't eat. Dutch pigs like to eat leafy vegetables: oil wheat vegetables, sweet potatoes, celery, gornee, all kinds of lettuce and root stems such as carrots, sweet potatoes, they also like corn, cauliflower, small cucumber, and cacum, etc. Pigs also like to eat vegetable peppers.

Fresh fruit is also the food, apple, watermelon, etc. of the Dutch pig. But pay attention to not give too much high sugar fruit. Don't use it once, so as not to eat, change or attract insects. If you have time or balcony, you can try yourself some vegetables or pastures to eat pigs, which can be eaten to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to pigs, and cultivate the fun of cultivation. It should be noted that the general tender buds, the nutritional value of the tender leaves is not high, the best waves are enough, and they will give them a deep color.

In short, when feeding the Dutch pig, it must not be able to eat some garlic and other vegetables to the Dutch pig.

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