What is the flower mouse?

There are many things that the flowers can eat, such as vegetables and fruits, it is very good to eat fruit. In addition, the flowers need to eat insects.

Generally common vegetables can feed it. Favorite to eat brevs. Don't reject Dubia, the same high protein, but the individual of the cockroaches is relatively large, and it is best to feed half or less.

Feeding flower branches prohibits feeding people, excessive salt, excessive seasonings, will increase the burden of flower mice. Try not to touch the sun directly, and the branches are afraid. Summer is here, please use the heat sink, ice bags and marble to heat them. If there is no psychological preparation or economic ability, please do not feed the mouse, the mouse cage, and the reproductive ability of mice is very considerable.

It is forbidden to use unknown feed, do not use flowers in too small space, where they have at least water bottles, cuisine, small nests and other products.

The material of the paddle is recommended for wood, and the deodorant effect is excellent. (The urine excreted by the flower mice is a bit flavored)

In short, when feeding the flower branches, pay attention to the various aspects of the flowers, so that the lams can be healthy.

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