Bamboo rat

Bamboo rat is a mouse, it can eat some carrots and sweet potatoes, these are all foods that bamboo rats like to eat, in addition to this, bamboo rats can also eat some plants and some grass.

Bamboo rat cub, in feed feeding, mainly speaking to the bamboo rats in 3 months after breast milk. Bamboo rats, can feed fresh, easily digestive, and nutrient-rich feed according to the brutal growth and development of bamboo rats. For example, some fresh carrots, nutritious sweet potatoes, fresh bamboo shoots. And juicy meloni and other feeds, assist in putting some of some maize, wheat bran, dry steamed branches and other materials to match. This is beneficial to the growth of bamboo rat cubs.

The feed of bamboo rats is based on crop straw and plant base, such as corn stalks, sorghum stalks, soy stalks, sugar cane roots, reeds, mahca, etc. Do not fight with people, livestock, and poultry. It is not a tender branches of cattle, sheep, cows, and sheep to eat plants, while bamboo rats only eat plants' old roots. In order to ensure the nutrition required for the growth and development of bamboo rats, it is necessary to feed some fine feed.

The above is the favorite food of bamboo rats, and it is possible to eat these foods to bamboo rats when breeding.

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