Pig eat what

Pigs like to eat is pig feed. There are many nutrients in pig feed, which is very helpful to the growth of pigs, so it is best to feed pig feed.

If it is the scale of breeding, it is basically a pig feed. After the hour, it is a special pig feed

Growling the pig, it will eat mixed feed, including bean skin, straw, ((Home also giving a piece of pig) and special pig feed

In addition to pig feed, the pig still loves to eat grass is an ash, chicken claw dish, cars and pigs Bud dishes. I also like to eat apples! Potatoes are also pork love.

The pig's feeding behavior includes feeding and drinking water, and has various age characteristics.

If you are numerous, you can stock up and then you can! Compared with the pork, pigs love to eat pellets; the dry material is compared with the wet material, pig loves the wet material, and spends less time.

The above is something that pigs can eat, must pay attention to food choices when breeding pigs.

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