What is the bamboo worm?

Bamboo insects is a kind of insect. Its favorite is the trees, or some leaves married. These are all favorite foods of bamboo.

Bamboo worms with blades of shrubs and trees, and especially Yali leaves. China has also reported to disasters in China. Most on the walnut tree. To harm the forest, there is no species that live on bamboo with bamboo leaves. Since the body color is green or yellowish brown, the body shape is also similar to the habitat, so they often use one of the phases of the Monographic representative. Generally inactive during the day, body color and body type have protective effects. Founding the blade at night.

There is a wide range of wild, there are main plants such as Hiscus, Mu Furong, Hibiscus, South America, Roche, Yutan, Geo, and Qingmines.

If you raise, you can use a plant leaf such as a moon, guava, hibiscus, and Zhuubi, which is most loved in the month, and it is guava.

The above is the food that bamboo worms like to eat, it is a pest, it is best not to breeding.

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