Grasshopper what to eat

Grasshopper mainly eats plants, like the kind of licking plant grasshopper will eat, so there are many foods that have eaten, but it also has a lot of requirements for plants.

Grasshopper, under the top, under the food, like a vegetable leaf, like sweet, hollow dish, cabbage and other vegetables, also like corn, wheat, beam, grain, rice, high, andBarley and other crops, reeds, grass, hemao, dog tooth grass, shrimp grass, sea pitch and some artemisia.

The grasshopper's farming feed is wide, main plants are main plants, the best feed is the green grass of all kinds of monospells and sharp leaves, or ryegrass and Mexican corn grass.If the grass is not enough, you can give a little bran, or the fueld feed, directly wet the wet in the shed, but this is just in the case of homogeneous situations.

The above is the food that the grasshopper will eat, almost all the food that will eat is here.

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