What is the caterpillar?

The worm is mainly eating leaves, and the leaves of various plants will be eaten. Although the caterpillar will finally become a butterfly, it is a lot of differences with the eating habits of the butterfly.

What kind of leaf of caterpillar can eat, as long as it is not a very hard mulberry, banyan tree, willow, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, banyan, etc. Type (moth and butterfly) insect larvae. 3 pairs of chest, abdominal foot and tail feet are mostly 5 pairs. Lepidoptera is the most common eye in the insect. The color is beautiful, the adult body and the wings are filled with scales and hair, so the two glands are the leaf wings, and the front wings are greater than the rear wings; the sip-type mouthpiece (the original wings moth is developed, which is chewed); Multi-type, double-shaped, stocked, stick-shaped; complexed eyes, single eye 2 or no eyes. Full change. The larva worm shape, with 3 pairs of chest, abdominal foot and tail feet are mostly 5 pairs. The larvae has a rigid hair, the arrangement and naming of the bristles, and is important in classification.

The things that caterpillars eat during the growth process have only leaves, usually did not see it will eat other things.

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Do not grab by the caterpillar, unplug the poison of the affected area, treated the wound, and rub the aloe to swell.After a lot of Mao Wool, the burrs will be broken, and these burrs have certain toxicity and irritating. Therefore, they have not been tre