What is the bee like to eat?

Bees like to eat honey and pollen, mostly only eat these. However, there are also some bursts who will not honey, they are mainly eating royal jelly, different from ordinary bees.

1, most of the bees are relied on eating honey and pollen for a living. These bees will take nectar during the day when they work, and they will make honey in the hive in the hive. (123)

3, the larvae in the bee colony started the first three days, the royal jelly as the main food, after three days, will eat the pollen and honey for the bee feed. And those bees in the bee proliferation are the bee prunities in the bee group. This kind of bee king will not honey, but they are responsible for the development and growth of the bee, and the bee king can produce 10,000.

The above is the food that is like eating, most of the bees only eat these, usually do not eat other foods.

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