What to eat bread

Bread insects eat vegetables and some vegetables, the bread insects are mainly vegetables, because these vegetables contain a lot of trace ingredients and moisture, these are the favorite of breastworms.

Wash the glibal gluner or ceramic basin brush, add the bran of about 10 cm, then put the bread in worm, and add some flour or corn flour, cover a few dishes.Leaves or dishes, pumpkins, zucchini, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, etc.These cuisine leaves can be eaten from pyra and have increased humidity.feed.The main feed of the yellow powder is a wheat bran, which can also be reminiscent, the vegetables are mainly cabbage, lambles, radish, potatoes, etc., other vegetables, melons, etc.These feed can meet the needs of proteins, vitamins, trace elements and moisture.Each kilogram of yellow powder can eat 3 kilograms of wheat bran in a generation cycle, 6 kg of vegetables.

Since the food eating in the bread is only these, it is also very much very much.

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