What to eat in the bullfrog?

Buffet frogs eat meat, many animal meat frogs will eat, but there are some plant bulf frogs to eat. If artificially trained the bullfrog, it will give it to eat some feed.

The bullfrog belongs to the meat, the food is wide, including linkages, arthropod, mild animals, fish, amphibia, reptiles and mammals. According to reports, the bulk frog mainly swallowing the animal pests of crops (82%), and also swallowing a small amount of beneficial animals (5.2%). The bullfrog also swallowed some vegetative foods, mostly leaves, flowers and plant seeds.

The food range of the bullfrog is wide, but the animal food is dominated, and its foodability is different from the be frog phase during the donkey. The talented period is an omitcress, which is not strict, and the floating creatures in the water can almost eat. They can feeding the feed of fish, especially food, cooked egg yolk, raw fish, liver, fly maggot and cooked potato, sweet potato , Rice bran, peanut meal, etc., the rest, such as tofu, fruit skin, etc. can be used as a bait; be frog meat, a beter, crustal, small fish shrimp, snail, spider,, locust, 蟋蟀, termite, 蚓 and fish The skin of eggs and waterfowl, etc. In addition, the bullfrog occasionally has a big habit.

The things that the bullfrog eat is these, and the problem that needs attention when feeding is also the top.

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