What is the crab eat?

Crab eating aquatic plants also have a bovine, because it is an eating animal, and most of the things will be eaten, or what crabs will be eaten.

Diet: Crab does not picky food, you can feed shrimp (crab self-capture or shrimp dry) Water in the small shrimp rice! Noodles, eggs, cabbage, beans, chicken, beef, etc. Wait, the crabs that people can eat can be eaten! It is best to be familiar, and the birth will take the fish tank! The crab is an omnivorous animal, with aquatic plants, underbrens, organic crumbles and animal bodies. Capture by chelate while feeding, then send the food to the side. It likes spiral, small shrimp, small 蚌, small fish and pumpkin, cooked potatoes, rice slag, bread slag, etc. These, it is harmless to the human body and crabs!

Wild words mainly eat some plankton, if you raise, feed it can be dotted or fishworms. Crabs like to have sand, don't forget to put more sand.

These are things that crabs will eat, except for these things, there are not many other things, I hope to have some help.

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