Gecko what to eat

The gecko mainly eats mosquitoes, and some insects, the gecko will rarely eat plants, but there are still many knowledge that feeding the gecko, which can be better to feed it.

The main food of the genoves is insects (such as 蟋蟀, breadworms, etc.), and the body gecko can give the small mouse to supplement the protein. The gecko breeding box is not too high, because the gecko does not like to climb up, but it is best to use a ventilated roof. The gecko is generally absorbing the water required from the food, put a small water basin in the breeding box, the gecko will automatically drink water, or slightly spray water on the wall of the breeding box. Slightly spraying a water in the gecko breeding box to maintain humidity, preventing moisture from not enough to cause the gecko peeling. Plantation in the cave can also increase humidity.

Gecko's feed is very wide, especially likes to eat soft insects, such as mosquitoes. fly. Moth.蟋蟀 and other flight crawling insects. According to the experience of breeding, artificially breeding the wall tiger is most ideal for flies and yellow nunva. The wall is not rich, eat a lot of days, even a few weeks, not eat, hungry, and the gecko is very stubborn.

These are some problems that feeding the gecko should pay attention. Generally it is to prey with yourself.

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The gecko will not bite in normal case, but if it is anger the small wall tiger, it will also bite people, the gecko usually uses insects for food, and it will break the wall when it encounters danger.When the gecko is scared or when the owner captures it
The gecko is a lizard, and the lizard is a general title of all reptiles in the crawling.The lizard is a crawling, a scaffina, a collective name of all animals of a lizard.But sometimes it will also put the head of the head.
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