What is the rabbit eat?

There are many kinds of dishes eaten by rabbits, such as vegetables such as dangle, and rabbits can eat. But rabbits eat vegetables have a lot of questions that should be paid, and some rabbits are not eaten.

The grass and wild vegetables are best not to feed the rabbit.

Vegetables: carrots, sweet potatoes, blanks (cabbage), cucumbers, radish leaves, pumpkins, greens. When you feed the vegetables, you must be washed and drained and then feed it.


Orange, banana, grape, apple, strawberry. When feeding fruits, reduce the amount of drinking water of rabbits to adjust the absorption of moisture. Green grass:

荠 荠, front grass, dandelion, goose sausage.

Other food: tofu slag, bread.

It is best to prepare some of the molar stone rabbit's main food is a hay, and the rabbit food is cold!

Fresh vegetables The fruit should be eaten less!

The rabbit's life is relatively fragile, so the rabbit has a lot to pay attention to!

I can't eat it for the rabbit, because the rabbit's stomach is very fragile .

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