What will be eaten by the rabbit?

The stomach of the rabbit is very fragile. If you eat some of the food that is unacceptable, it is easy to cause the rabbit to die, so the rabbit's diet should also pay more attention to it.

If corn and peanuts are not fresh, it is easy to produce a toxic substance of xylushica, so it can only feed it fresh.In addition, the bud of potatoes contains toxins, should be particularly careful.

Food that cannot be fed

The irritating vegetables should not feed rabbits, such as onions, leeks, garlic, etc.In addition, chocolate is easy to cause food poisoning, so it should be absolutely avoided.

(1) The grass with dew is not finished;

(2) Rotten deterioration feed and forage do not feed;

(3) Grass and material with soilDo not feed;

(4) Feed and grass contaminated by the insect ovity and the grass are not fed;

(5) Delicious feed is not fed;

Some foods do not give birth to the rabbit as much as possible, there is no benefit to the rabbit.

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