What is the rabbit like what grass?

There are many kinds of rabbits like to eat, the favorite is wheat grass, because wheat grass is very good, and there are also many nutrition, which can meet the body needs of the rabbit.

The young rabbit in three months should be a staple food in alfalfa, but there is a degree, nothing to feed, very delicate fruit trees can also feed a little, rich nutrition, but it is also the main thing. Three months after rabbits should eat Timothy grass, because rabbits will no longer absorb certain ingredients in alfalfa after three months, they will cause urinary calcium, and should be in good health.

The taste of wheat grass is better than that of the grass, and the nutrients contained more rich. Excess calcium that does not want to supplement 补 是 是 是. 是.

Wheat grass supplements a variety of vitamins and alkaline minerals, not just the need for rabbits, even our own wheat grass is also rich in nutritional value. It can effectively improve acidic physique.

Wheat grass is a grass with very high nutrition, which can be appropriate to eat more rabbits.

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