What is the turtle shelling?

Turtle shelling shows that the turtle grows, because the turtle grows up, the original shell cannot accommodate its body, so there will be a shelling.

The turtle will never the shell, especially the water turtle, and the contour and semi-water will not smelt. When feeding, the water turtle shell, that is the representative grows.

When the turtle in normal health is, it is a piece of automatic drop, like nails, hard.

There are two sequences:


First, the armor is retired, it is a bimfin. 2,

First is a bacon, and then the armor.

When the turtle shell is not like other animals, it is completely continuous after retreat, but disadvantages.

The yellow edge generally does not smel, but the yellow edge is turtled. NS.

The symptom is : The marginal armor can be opened with his finger, but it is a new very tender shell, not stinking.

The general water turtle is more common. It may be that the environment is too dry, no too worrying, no problem, you can wait until it go out, apply some vitamin E to go, once a day.

Tortoise, half-water, can use moss or coconut soil, mountain mud to do push, to ensure sufficient humidity.

Turtle shell is normal, don't pull it.

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