The turtle will not die

Turtle is generally not to be killed, but there are special circumstances, sometimes the turtle overeating, it is easy to cause the turtle to die.

If you die in a lot of eating, it is probably because it has not been involved in food for a long time, causing gastrointestinal function to decline.Suddenly, it is not caused by a lot of food, gastrointestinal digestion and withstand.

If daily feeding, if it is regular, you can feed it.This allows the turtle accumulated enough energy in a short time.To put it bluntly, it can flourish.

If daily feeding is irregular, the turtle is often in a hungry state. When feeding, pay attention to the amount of food placed.Generally he feed, many times.After the gastrointestinal function of the turtle is restored, regular feeding.

Pay attention to the eating habits of turtles, don't overeating.

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