How long can the turtle live?

The life of the turtle is generally very long, and the average life of the turtle reaches 300 years. Some turtles have only lived to 50 years old, and some live to the millennium.

The relevant information shows that its natural life is generally 150 years, and there is more than 300 years of relevant admission tickets, some even have thousands of years.Scientists have found that turtles are not only a slow metabolism, but also make their own physiological rhythm and enter the fake state.Cell studies have found that the fibroblast reproduction algebra of animals is proportional to the life of the animal.The turtle has a slow cell differentiation, and the number of times of breeding is more, and its fibroblasts can reach 125 generations, and human fibroblasts can only reach 50 generations.

The turtle life is long, so the turtle can live for a long time.

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