Turtle fell a few days

Turtle is usually fed once a day or two days, it is possible to put the feed to the turtle to put it in the water, otherwise the turtle does not eat food.

The feeding feed should be fresh, after feeding, to remove the residual food in time, to prevent the feed to ruthless, affect the appetite of the turtle.

Spring and autumn temperatures are low, and the turtle is not active in the morning and evening. It is only in the afternoon, so I have feed feed in 8-9 am.From Gu Yu to Autumn, it is a turtle to take the pesticide season. Time value Shengshi, the turtle is usually inhau, and more in the afternoon 17:00 in the afternoon, it will take it in the afternoon 16-17.Time to make the turtle on time, get more nutrients, and also guarantee that the feed is fresh.

Tell the turtle to pay attention, do not overeating.

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