How is the turtle?

Turtle Zhang mouth shows that if the turtle has a call, if the turtle has pneumonia, it is necessary to treat turtle in time to prevent the condition to be aggravated.

If you have not guess, the master's turtle will also drive in the water, which is expressed as a sinking. It is mainly due to the fact that the temperature difference is caused. For example, when boiling water, the temperature difference between the original water temperature and the temperature of the water is too large, or the air temperature and water temperature are too large.

The turtle is old, the treatment method of the mouth

Treatment method has lazy treatment and active treatment.

Lazy Treatment

: Amoxicillin solution soaked, the concentration is too large, and the temperature is 28 degrees. Soak the turtle for half an hour every day, or soak 2 times, 10 minutes each time. Then get a clean water, and the water temperature is also a constant temperature. You can use the heating rod. Of course, put the powder, stir evenly, dose, Ning less do not. The owner tried to put a quarter and insisted on treatment for a while. Active treatment:

The turtle turtle of pneumatic disease should take active anti-inflammatory treatment. It is recommended to select an antibiotics for injection to treat, and the injection method is preferably used to use a peritoneal injection method. Drug Chronicles Sodium, cefosporin, sulfate gentamicin, and the like. For example, the drug can be treated with a bubble or direct feed, the drug can be used in cephalospore or amoxicillin.

Injection treatment 7-14 days. After using a course of medication, if there is no efficacy, it should be considered that there is a possibility of bobbinal jam. If you can get a diagnosis, it is better, and there is generally no such diagnosis and treatment conditions. The treatment of mycoplasma pneumonia is required to use a large cyclic antibiotic, which is recommended to use an injection azithromycin. Pay attention to the temperature difference should not be too large when it is turned to the turtle.

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