How does a novice raise a yellow edge?

Novice raises a detailed way to raise a yellow edge: to do it, can't brew in the water, food should be reasonably matched, special attention cannot be sick, etc.

Huang Zhen is a very easy to coence and breed, they are not afraid of life, and vitality is tenacious. Hyphogeneity, the female mouth weight is about 450 grams of time.

1, Huang Zhi is land-like, but also need Place a shallow water area in the breeding site for drinking, playing, and soaking. The young body preferred aquatic.

2, Huang Zhenbi distributed more north, usually in the mountain region (not a strict tropics), it is necessary to enhance the body temperature.


Need to provide high quality calcium source, such as: ink bone, crushed oyster shell, cooked or crushed eggshell. If the climate is suitable for outdoor feeding. 4,

Many forage makeows turtles in hibernation every year, but in some cold areas may not be feasible.

Yanghuangyuan should use a scientific method to raise, usually pay more attention to its living habits.

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