What is the Brazilian turtle?

The Brazilian Turtle is mainly eating meat, and many meat Brazilian turtles eat, but don't don't feed eight brothers to eat pig lean meat, which may cause the Brazilian turtle to get sick, should be cautious before feeding it.

The Brazilian Turtle is mainly based on meat. It is like these to be fed like a fruit and fruit! Try not to fill it, it is unnecessary! Usually feed is mainly based on fresh fish shrimp! Feed 1 day twice, you have to press it on time and feeding it, you can't feed it for a long time. It can control the food and eat, you will not eat, buy some fresh small fish, cut into a small section, stripped The fresh shrimp of the head, the shrimp skin can not give it to eat salt! Live bodied worm, freshwater fish, etc. There are also many parasitic bacteria, eat more water on the water, it is easy to infect the eyes of the eyes, the turtle food is all processing, there is no nutrition, and some turtles don't love to eat, shell-based poultry Don't feed meat, like the cooked meat of our human eating, it can't be fed, like rice steamed bread noodles, dumplings, etc.

The Brazilian Turtles generally don't eat people to eat food, so you have to prepare food for it.

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